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Product details

Product Introduction

Transformer Bobbin are widely used in computers, tele communication equipment, consumer's electronics such as TV, VTR and audio sets, industrial automation equipment and various kinds of electronic instruments, etc. As a leading Bobbin manufacturer in China, supported by our sophisticated quality system, we produce top-quality Bobbin, together with famous service.

ECO20XXSEO(Vertical/Horizontal types) ECO22XXSEO(Vertical/Horizontal types) ECO24XXSEO(Vertical/Horizontal types) ECO24XXSLD(Vertical/Horizontal types)

Since the ECO Series supports automatic winding, the product is of a high quality and can be manufactured stably. It is designed to support automatic winding, which enables a remarkable reduction in the loss generated to achieve a proficient in manual winding until stable production. In addition the characteristic variations of the winding wire and creep-age tape have largely been removed stabilizing the transformer's characteristics

Product Parameter (Specification)

Eco Series





Ferrite Cores






Cp Wire





Product Feature And Application

The ECO SERIES bobbins are offered by us in different models and technical specifications.These are widely used in various industries and are appreciated for optimum performance, low maintenance, durability and thermal stability. A number of quality tests are conducted on various parameters, ensuring complete client satisfaction.

Product Range: Transformers, Inductors, coils, bobbins, ferrite cores.

Applications: Switching power supply transformers, toroidal inductors, choke coils, high frequency transformers, filters

1. We can supply the bobbin with matched core.

2. Bobbin's Pin pitch Can be custom-made as client's specific requirement.

3. Supply with the service of grind air-gap for core

4. Offer our client the fine quality ,timely delivery, favourable price and execllent after-sale service.

Production Details

Place Of Origin: Guangdong, China

Brand Name: Hrong Hui

Model Number: Eco2017/Eco2020/Eco2023/Eco2219/Eco2225/Eco2230/Eco2425/Eco2430/Eco2420

Pin: 2+2/3+3/4+4/5+5/6+6/7+7/8+8/10+10/11+11/17+17/18+18

Usage: Electronic/Transformer

Slot: Single/2 Slots

Material: Phenolic/ Bakelite/ PBT/ LCP/ Nylon/ Plastic

Shape: Vertical/Horizontal

Pin Material: Cp Wire

Certification: USI9001, Ul, Ce, Rohs

Product Qualification

Dongguan Honghui Metal Co., Ltd. Is a professional manufacturer with development, design, processing, manufacturing and sales in the field of transformer skeleton. Hong Kong company: Huigang Rundong Trading Co., Ltd. The company was founded in 2003. Since the establishment of the company, after years of unremitting efforts and painstaking efforts, it has a number of professional and technical personnel, and has a group of high-quality operators and mold development and a complete set of automated production equipment. The delivery accuracy rate is over 99.8%, and the pass rate of the process is over 98.9%. The company has a complete set of production equipment, relying on these production equipment to produce high quality products, which are sold all over the world. The equipment includes: forming class horizontal machine, forming class vertical machine, electric discharge machine 2, grinding machine 2, milling machine 2, soldering machine 2, vertical injection molding machine 8, plastic injection molding machine 12, bakelite injection 8 sets of machines, 3 sets of tunnel sandblasting machines, 4 sets of raw edge processing machines, 20 sets of automatic PIN machines, 2 sets of hydraulic presses, secondary photo apparatus, salt spray test machine, aging test machine, fully automatic flame test machine , microscope, high-voltage test machine, Seiko electronic desktop fluorescent X-ray analysis equipment, fully automated 360-degree 8 camera product testing machine.The company has obtained the UL certificate and ISO certificate that are inspected once a year by professional institutions. It has passed the international ISO9001 certification and meets the GB/T19001-2016/ISO9001:2015 standard. It also passed the certification of ISO14001 environmental standard, met the requirements of GB/T24001-2016/ISO14001:2015 standard, and obtained the corresponding ISO certificate.

Deliver, Shipping And Serving

Before the sale, we confirm the demand for the product with the customer, and quote the customer according to the product drawings or product samples provided by the customer. After waiting for the customer to confirm the quotation, the company will open the mold order through the customer.The production of the test mode will be carried out, and the test mode can be completed in 20-30 days from the receipt of the order. After the customer confirms that the sample is OK, we will carry out mass production according to the order quantity, and the general delivery time is 3-7 days. After the sale, we will deal with the products with abnormal quality. If the products produced have quality problems, we will reply to the improvement report if the customer complains. If the products cannot be used, our company will arrange replenishment and finally meet the requirements of the customers.


Q1: How to buy your products?

Please send us the product picture, quantity, size and other requirement to, you will get answer within 24 hours(Except SAT. AND SUN.

Q2: Do you accept Customization?

We are manufactures, So the Size, Material can do according to your request. If you have similar product specification,that would be very helpful.

Q3: What information should I let you know if I want to get a quotation?

1. Specification 2. Quantity 3. Package 4. Material.

Why do plastic products require so much color masterbatch

As the current "high performance plastic materials" promotion and popularization, the plastic products not only to the requirement of masterbatch to stay in this level, "color" of plastic industry, according to the product itself is different, also put forward corresponding requirements for masterbatch, this makes the masterbatch producer according to the market and application, developed into a series of masterbatch products with multiple compound functions. That is to say, color masterbatch this product, in providing plastic coloring this function, according to the application of plastic products, but also to provide plastic products such as "aging resistance", "heat resistance", "antibacterial", "enhancement" and other functional characteristics. The following is a breakdown of the major additional functions that black masterbatch can provide to illustrate which industrial applications in our real life batch provides irreplaceable assistance. I. uv protection automobile manufacturing: nowadays plastics have been widely used in automobile industry. Both inside and outside the car accessories, such as the piano lacquer that bake a beautiful instrument panel, matte imitation leather dashboard, solid and energy-absorbing bumper, etc., are inseparable from the contribution of black masterbatch, it not only provide the above car inner decoration with excellent colour performance, at the same time, as a commonly used ultraviolet absorption material, it also USES its own this feature, to act as automotive plastic umbrella, prevent ultraviolet damage to these beautiful car parts. Urban construction pipes and agricultural irrigation pipes: the transformation of urban pipe network and the national energy saving and emission reduction project for agricultural irrigation are also widely used in the industry of color masterbatch. Such as municipal water pipe, gas pipe, and western areas of agricultural water-saving drip irrigation pipe. The masterbatch not only provides coloring properties for these tubes, but also provides functions such as uv protection and antioxidant protection. Wire and cable industry: color masterbatch is widely used in high voltage overhead cable, communication cable cable and other cable plastic sheath materials, it has the effect of anti-oxygen and anti-uv. Geotechnical materials: color masterbatch is also widely used in geotechnical fabrics and geotechnical grille industry of laying highways to resist ultraviolet rays and increase the life span of geotechnical materials. 2, electrostatic protection function of electronic appliances manufacturing: for the microelectronics industry, the existence of static electricity is extremely harmful, it can break through the capacitor damage the electronic circuit, if not properly disposed, even because of circuit short circuit and cause fire hazards. We can take advantage of the conductivity of black pigment, "carbon black", and fundamentally solve the problem of the harm caused by static electricity. For example, the plastic trays and conductive carriers used by electronics factories, their production is by adding enough conductive black mother to obtain the required electrostatic conductivity, thus protecting the safety of electronic components. Mine mining industry: also, in the process of the mine mining, the harm of static electricity is bigger, it is the cause of gas explosion the culprit, so many underground facilities, all is the requirement of electrical conductivity, but the vast majority of plastic and is not conductive, through the conductive black mother of add, so that the conductive plastics with electrical conductivity, thus avoiding the harm of the static, achieve the goal of safe production. Of course, in addition to the above mentioned applications, black mother also has a variety of other USES, for example, people use carbon black pigment excellent hiding, in the process of plastic recycling, adding black mother to cover other colors, to achieve the purpose of waste utilization and saving resources. For another example, people take advantage of the high resistance of carbon black to light, which is used in the production of milk film. It blocks sunlight and achieves the effect of quasi-photodecomposition, which protects the milk and enables it to be stored for a longer time. Black mother in the plastic industry and its wide application, and our lives are closely linked. In addition, with the development of China's plastic industry in recent years, the color masterbatch industry has also achieved gratifying development results. At the same time, people have gradually realized that it is like an auxiliary material in a gluttonous feast for plastic processing, and its role cannot be underestimated. Although it is used in a small amount, it is also used once and for all.

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